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Christine North
Horticulturist and Lecturer


Gardening Tips


Gardening Tips

Your Garden: acres or tiny, a retreat, an all consuming passion, an art form, elegant, structured, formal or informal, beautiful, fragrant and those pleased but weary aching bodies
A voyage of discovery, fascinating, exciting, vibrant, a source of great joy, peace, tranquility, wonderful, full of surprises, games and laughter, ii can also escape to do its own thing all too easily.
Sit and dream, plan, encourage wildlife, look and really see, listen: wrens so much noise for so tiny a bird; a bird bath, sense, atmospheres can be tangible
Know the your plot, its soil structure, peculiarities of the prevailing wind, weather patterns, highs and lows of the sun, shade, water flowing through or within
What grows around you? Its habitat? Work with the surrounding landscape, borrow from it, use it, hide it where it does you no favours.
But above all enjoy, play with shapes, patterns, be it abstract, random, distinctive, unique, create a design in harmony with nature and your surroundings but above all let it rest easy on the eye
The colour wheel ignore it or use it to enrich a special place. Paint multiple living pictures with different shades, tones, unifying, blending, combining, contrasting, challenge the conventional.
Green, leafy, texture, density, lightness, blended variations of foliage
The beauty of flowers; look at their faces, subtleties of stem, petal, leaf, colour, Above all the elusiveness of a fragrance caught on the breeze
Be grateful, respect, nuture, honour and enhance what nature has offered you.

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